How to change air filter remove engine cover basic Audi A3 TFSI

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How to change air filter remove engine cover basic? 2.0t fsi

* Unplug the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor.
* Undo the spring clips and pull out the turbo inlet connector.
* Remove the two T-25 screws on the air snorkle as shown below.
* Remove the engine cover by pulling up HARD where indicated by the green circles in the photo below.
* DO NOT APPLY ANY FORCE where indicated by the red diamonds in the photo below.
* If it’s cold weather, make sure the engine is warm so that the rubber grommets warm up and are flexible enough to come off. Cold, brittle plastic and stiff grommets will lead to a broken airbox/cover even if you otherwise do everything correctly.
* Pull up on the rear driver’s corner (near the battery box) first, then the rear corner where the MAF sensor is, then the fronts.